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No. 23894

IHK Osnabrück - Emsland - Grafschaft Bentheim

The IHK Osnabrück - Emsland - Grafschaft Bentheim represents the interests of its approximately 63.500 member enterprises with the authorities, in the political arena and in the public eye. The IHK Osnabrück - Emsland - Grafschaft Bentheim is a self-governing body of industry and commerce which assumes such tasks it has been assigned by law on behalf of the state.
We view politics with a critical eye and influence opinion forming and decision making. As an independent advocate of the market we ensure that the rules and regulations are clear and binding for all market participants. As a service provider we effectively support enterprises in achieving their targets.
We ensure success of our member enterprises in the following business fields:

Regional Economic Policy

Business Start-up and Support

Vocational and further Training

Innovation / Environment

International Affairs

Legal Affairs and Fair Play