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No. 23897

Legal Affairs / Fair Play

We provide information and advice: in the fields in which jurisdiction has explicitly conferred concrete tasks to us (e.g. foreign trade, vocational training) we give authoritative legal advice. In other areas of economic law we inform you about the legal situation and, on request, refer you to the competent occupational group.
Law and fair play is how we describe our commitment to provide equal opportunities for all types of businesses. As well as, both our aim to promote competition and reduce state intervention by means of enhancing the economy’s self-regulatory capability.
We support entrepreneurs – so that everything is above-board
Playing to the rules means you need fairness – therefore, our Legal and Fairplay Division makes sure that rules can be observed. Then, even the best economic system cannot function without a set of regulations. Of course our efforts here concentrate on making sure that the expert knowledge within the business community plays an important part in the rules which the state issues. However, we also support entrepreneurs at a much earlier stage. This begins with advice at the start-up: Which legal form is suitable for your enterprise? How can the entry in the trade registry be carried out smoothly without any long delays? How can you make your company name unmistakeable? What is permitted in competitive situations and where are the limits? How can you regulate the succession question in your company in the best possible manner?
We advise entrepreneurs on all questions concerning commercial law and we show them what is possible. We also point out, what should be avoided so that disputes with competitors or clients, do not occur in the first place. We recommend honorary financial and commercial judges whose practical experience flows into the decisions of commercial courts. We examine, appoint and specify sworn specialists so that you can obtain expertises which you can rely on.
We support entrepreneurs:
  • by ensuring that the interests of the business community are reflected in law making processes
  • by providing entrepreneurs with information on questions concerning commercial law and carrying out an initial consultation
  • by providing companies with advice in all questions concerning competition law and prosecuting any infringements
  • appointing and certifying experts and publishing the IHK directory of experts
  • statements on entries in the commercial register


Thomas Reyl
Thomas Reyl
Recht und Steuern, Existenzgründung und Unternehmensförderung
Geschäftsbereichsleiter, Mitglied der Geschäftsführung