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Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Stuttgart Region

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PAL – Examination questions and training materials within the dual system for vocational training

PAL is the development center for examination questions and training materials in industrial/technical professions within the dual system for vocational training. The PAL of IHK Region Stuttgart was founded in 1948 as a joint institution of the Chambers of Industry and Commerce (IHKs) in order to promote the development of industrial/technical examinations. Since then, all 79 IHKs in Germany, as well as an increasing number of Chambers of Trade, have become customers of PAL.

Examinations in the industrial/technical field

As the central examination institution of the IHKs, PAL covers a wide spectrum of industrial/technical professions. Currently, it provides written, practical and integrated intermediate and final examinations for 136 professions, specializations and practical fields four times a year.