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The PAL Website

The PAL Websie (German Version) is part of the online service and further education support offered by IHK Region Stuttgart. In addition to current examination dates, you can also find extensive information about preparing for examinations, for example lists of materials for intermediate and final examinations.
Information for practical experience To get the latest “information for practical experience”, for example explanations of individual professions and new regulations, just go to

PAL Newsletter

At you can subscribe to the free PAL newsletter, which includes important news and is currently distributed to 5.500 subscribers by e-mail.

PAL examination books

In order to help apprentices prepare for their examinations and to enable teachers and trainers to monitor the learning performance, PAL has developed a range of examination books containing test exercises.

Sample exercises books

To provide apprentices, trainers and examiners with an idea of what to expect in their examination, PAL provides sample exercises books for various new or newly regulated professions for training.