IHK Berlin

Report on the Economy

We regularly keep you informed about the state of the Berlin economy as well as the mood and forecasts in the various industries. To this end, we carry out a representative survey three times a year among our member companies. The results are published in the reports on the economy (“Konjunkturberichte”) including detailed figures and analyses of the current business situation as well as economic forecasts, expected investments, employment and export figures.
Current situation of Berlin's economy
Riding the wave of optimism
According to the latest survey on the Berlin economy (“Konjunkturumfrage”) conducted by the CCI Berlin, the economic climate in spring 2014 has been the best in years. With 148 points, the business climate indicator of Berlin reached an all-time high following the upward trend that had started in summer 2013. Berlin industrial companies are expecting an increasing demand for their products similar to that of the boom years of 2007 and 2008. In the service sector, company executives are even more optimistic as the positive trend displayed by the last three surveys has finally led to an all-time high of business assessments in the current report. Overall, business prospects have constantly been increasing since the beginning of 2013 approaching the record levels of 2006 and 2007.
However, there is no reason for excessive optimism as the Berlin businesses expect an economic evolution rather than a revolution. This assessment is backed by indicators on investments and employment that remain on the moderately expansive level of previous surveys. While companies are planning to invest and hire, there is no evidence for a sudden trend towards a growth-driven expansion strategy. For that to be reached, we would need a few more quarters of growth in a row. In addition, there a clear differences between the sectors: While the figures for the service sector predict a constant level of new investments and job creation, the industry sector is expected to stagnate as personnel and investments are concerned.