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Economic Policy in Berlin

Economic Policy in Berlin

Berlin is the centre of Germany's capital region, one of Europe's most dynamic market areas: top in future prospects, top in innovation, top in networking science and economy. The Chamber of Industry and Commerce (CCI) of Berlin works to persuade the local politicians and authorities to provide best conditions in the area, inexpensive business premises, reasonable taxes and minimisation of bureaucracy.
The main target of our Economic Policy division is to create a favourable business environment in the capital. The CCI Berlin represents an economic policy that provides appropriate and reliable basic conditions. Thus, we create basic requirements for advanced growth and employment in Berlin. Our company surveys are an important source of information and a basis for policy demands. In political dialogue with the government, parliament and authorities, the CCI Berlin advocates a reduction in the tax burden on companies and greater transparency in the tax system. Furthermore it’s a crucial aim to enhance the flexibility of entrepreneurial decisions, by fighting red tape.
It’s our goal to escalate companies benefits. Thus, we offer a lot of useful information, facts and figures, e.g.
  • analyses of the economic situation and development in the city
  • information on the regional labour market
  • site location analyses and reports on the region
  • information on economic data, sector and market indicators.