IHK Berlin

About CCI

The success of Berlin‘s businesses is our goal.
The Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) of Berlin is a voice for many companies, actively promoting Berlin as a place to do business.
CCI Berlin acts in the best interests of the business community as a whole and remains independent of individual interests and party politics. The market-economy system forms the basis of all our activities. The statutory, obligatory membership of companies requires that the CCI provide a truly exceptional service.
As a critical partner of political institutions, the CCI Berlin campaigns for entrepreneurial freedom with increased help from the state and acts as an impartial market advocate promoting fair competition among businesses.
As a service provider, the CCI Berlin supports its approx.
members through its services and activities, without creating extra competition.
As a business organisation, the CCI Berlin completely replaces state administration in this area. In fact, it takes the load off and supports the state by providing funding and organising public works itself, e.g. through vocational training and promotion of export. Some 3,500 voluntarily active businessmen and women in the plenary meeting, executive committee, boards and working parties as well as inspectors, assist the IHK‘s 200 employees.
You can find details of contact partners and more information on our German language website.