Support for migrants

KAUSA service center CCI Stuttgart Region
Information and contact point for immigrant youths, parents, and companies as well as migrant self-help organisations and business associations, parents’ associations, and other institutions. The goal is the linking of regional projects for immigrants and placement with the responsible agencies.
Our services:
  • Consultation of immigrant youths, refugees, and their parents regarding dual education
  • Support of immigrant and non-immigrant entrepreneurs with matters of training
  • Networking with all responsible institutions
The KAUSA Servicestelle Stuttgart Region is sponsored from funds of the Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) as a JOBSTARTER project.

Initiative – Turkish parents build bridges (I-TEbB+)
We advise and support Turkish immigrant students and their parents regarding the topic of “dual education” so that more young people can successfully complete vocational training. In addition, parents, family members, and adults will be informed of their own vocational education and training possibilities.
The I-TEbB+ project is sponsored from funds of the European Social Fund by the Baden-Württemberg Ministry for Economy, Labour and Housing.