Innovation and the Environment

The competitiveness of the German economy is uniquely characterized by the development of innovative and resource-efficient products. Here at the Rheinhessen Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI), we support its companies in various ways. 
The Rheinhessen Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s (CCI) innovation and consulting service offers information on all aspects of research and innovation such as: patents and licenses, funding and financing or setting up a technology-oriented business. We facilitate contact with specialists from these areas of business, science and consulting as well as operate consulting for technology exchange. 
With regard to environmental policy, the CCI supports companies in clearly understanding the obligations within the numerous environmental regulations and put them into practice. In addition to environmental consulting, there are environmental working groups and experience exchange groups in the CCI. For example,  the  recycling exchange group at the CCI helps to complete material cycles. Furthermore, the CCI supports environmentally conscious company management, e.g. by means of the competence network energy efficiency and climate protection.