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Starting a Business in Berlin

Every entrepreneur has a lot of questions before setting up own business. Especially when we talk about bureaucracy process in Germany. This page should provide you a basic information with regard to “How to start business in Berlin”. Moreover we invite you to visit our webinar Start-up Class.
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„Starting a Business in Berlin - A Beginner's Guide“ contains all important information needed by a business founder or start-up company in Berlin. It addresses questions as to what legal form you may choose, how to organise your company sustainable, what taxes you must pay, what insurances you must think of and many more.
The entire brochure can be viewed as an ebook or downloaded as a PDF file.
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Content of the brochure:

Want to start a business in Berlin? In this course in english you’ll be provided with BASIC info on how it works. We offer this online class with advisors of IHK and other business founders. You can ask questions and connect to other people in the same situation. There will be small-medium sized groups of people to make sure that everyone can talk about his/her business idea.  
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Start-up Class - How to start a business in Berlin with the focus “How to Start a Sustainable Business”
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Our advisors will lead you trough the next topics:

  1. Obtaining a residence permit for self-employment
  2. ‘Gewerbe’ – Freelancer – Skilled Crafts
  3. Before starting
    1. Selection of a legal form (Rechtsform)
    2. Funding (funding for sustainable company)
    3. Business plan (sustainability in the business plan)
    4. Required licenses
  4. Registering a business step by step
    1. Commercial register (Handelsregister)
    2. Registering at the trade office (Gewerbeamt)
    3. (Social) Insurances
    4. Starting a side business – an alternative to full time self-employment
    5. Taxes
Our next class: Every class take place from 1 to 4 pm.

Comming soon

Dear participants, if all places are allready overbooked plase contact us, we will try to do our best to offer you a another place.
You are planning to start a business for the first time as a commercial trader (no freelancers or crafts) in Berlin and you have questions on how to set it up? Get in touch and we’ll find the answers to your questions