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Lebensmittelhygieneverordnung (englisch): Food Hygiene Training

Food business operators shall ensure that all stages of production, consumption, processing and distribution of food under their control satisfy the relevant requirements laid down in Article 3 of (EC) Regulation 852. Section 4 of the Ordinance on the Hygiene Requirements for the Production, Handling and Placing on the Market of Foods (LMHV) of 8 August 2007 requires that easily perishable foods may only be produced, handled or placed on the market by persons who have the appropriate specialised knowledge of their respective activity by virtue of training in pursuance of Section 4 (1) of this ordinance in conjunction with Annex 2 Chapter XII (1) of EC Regulation 852/2004.

Seminar Contents (LMHV in English)

  • Operational self-monitoring and traceability
  • Goods inspection, storage life testing and labelling
  • Requirements for the refrigeration and storage of the respective food
  • Cleaning and disinfection, beverage dispensing system, food and drinks menu
  •  Damage plan, crisis management
  • Hygiene pests
  • Production hygiene / e.g. meat, poultry meat, minced meat, fish, eggs, milk, deep-frying fat
  • Product hygiene / hygiene requirements for the production, processing, and handling of the respective food
  • Avoiding detrimental effects on the respective food when dealing with food waste, inedible by-products and other waste
  • General and special microbiology / food poisoning
  • Personal hygiene / Infection Protection Act


  •  To implement the relevant provisions with respect to inspecting the stages of production, consumption, processing and distribution of food
  • To analyse all of the existing hazards for food safety in a company’s area of responsibility,
  • To determine the food safety-critical points,
  • To stipulate intervention limits for the critical control points,
  • To introduce processes for continuously monitoring critical points,
  • To specify corrective action in the event of deviations,
  • To check whether the system for guaranteeing food safety is suitable and to document all actions

Target group

All employees of eating-houses, restaurants, fast food outlets, commercial kitchens, works canteens, catering companies, food retailing business owners and vendors

Trainers and training methods

The trainers come from the food inspection sectors. They implement a concept which combines the acquisition of theoretical knowledge and practical experience.
The seminars meet the special requirements imposed by efficient further development while working. This seminar focuses on practical cases, i.e. the seminar is designed to be focused on activities and placed within the context of work. Trainees can therefore easily see how this will translate into increased success in their own work.


CCI certificate of attendance: “Food hygiene regulation and operational self-monitoring”

Duration, location, dates and registration

Extent: 1 day (Saturdays)
Course hours: 9.00 a.m. – 4.00 p.m.
Location: The training is a Live-Online Course and will take place in a virtual classroom. Participants will need a mobile device or computer that is equipped with a camera and microphone as well as a reliable internet connection to participate.
Please note that due to technical reasons the registration process will partly be in German. If you need any help, please do not hesitate to contact Anna Berger-Hönow via telephone or email.

Course fee

350 EUR (members of CCI Berlin) / EUR 385 (non-members)

Right to withdraw

The cancellation period is 14 days following the conclusion of the contract.
A processing fee of EUR 50.00 shall be charged in the event of the registration being cancelled up to 30 days before the start of the event. 10% of the event fee, but at least EUR 100.00, shall be charged for later cancellations up to the day before the start of the event. Thereafter, the entire amount shall be invoiced.
Cancellations, withdrawals and terminations must be effected in writing. The date of receipt of the relevant notification by CCI Berlin shall determine the date of the participant’s termination and cancellation.
Detailed information can be found in our General Terms and Conditions of Business.