IHK Berlin

Financial Assistance

If your own resources and the support from your bank are insufficient to finance your endeavours, support programs from the regional authorities (via Investitionsbank Berlin IBB and BBB Bürgschaftsbank zu Berlin-Brandenburg GmbH) and national authorities (via Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau) may be an option to meet your capital requirement by topping up with external finance.
Advice: Prepare you business plan before approaching funding institutions. Our tool Gründungswerkstatt (also in English) can help you with that.
Webinars on topics around the business plan can be found at the BPW.

Minimum preconditions for public-sector funding
  • The project must not have been launched before the application was submitted
  • You must have adequate technical and commercial qualifications
  • You must make a reasonable contribution from your own funds to the overall financing package
  • Overall financing of the project must be secured
  • The project must have a good prospect of establishing a sustainable and fully-operational business

Founders from third countries
If an entrepreneur from a non-EU country (a so called third country) wishes to start up a business in Germany or wants to open a regional branch of a company here in Berlin, he/she needs to obtain a residence permit, authorising them to engage in such work. Find more information on the topic of residence permits here.

How to find subsidy programs
The IBB Business Support Guide gives you comprehensive information about the business subsidy programs in the Federal Land of Berlin and the programs on offer nationwide which can also be used in Berlin. Another source for further research on subsidy programs is the “ Förderdatenbank”.