Vocational and Further Training

Vocational Training:
Vocational training in the Federal Republic of Germany is provided on the job and in vocational schools. Based on what is referred to as the "dual system", practical training is given at work, backed up by theoretical training and general education provided in vocational schools. Vocational education in vocational schools takes place generally one or two days a week. The characteristic feature of this system is that the provision of knowledge and skills is linked to acquiring the necessary job experience.  Additionally the contents and examination requirements of the vocational training are a uniform federal regulation.
The principal tasks undertaken by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) in vocational training are the following:
  • Looking after and supervising training matters
    One of the most important tasks of the CCI is advising training employers on all problems connected with vocational training, e. g. the training occupations to be considered, how training should be structured, the use of training aids, and educational, psychological and legal questions. The CCI also gives advice to trainees in all questions concerning their apprenticeship.
  • Intermediate and final examinations
  • Every trainee has to take part at an intermediate examination in the course of his period of training and at an examination at the end of the vocational training. The examination serves to show at what the trainee has learned throughout the duration of the training. The CCI establishes boards of examiners of practitioners from local companies to hold these examinations. The CCI has the governmental order to organize and hold these examinations.
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Lisa Haus, Andreas Fels, Timon Zapf
Further Training:
Further training is indispensable for one’s professional career. This type of training provides a pillar for the marketability of enterprises because only a well-qualified and proficient staff ensures competitiveness in the field.
The Rheinhessen Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) holds exams to test the knowledge, abilities and experience acquired as a result of further training. The Vocational Training Committees issue special regulations governing the subject matter, purpose, standards, procedure and conditions of entry for such examinations. The CCI establishes boards of examiners to hold the exams.
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Andreas Resch, Viktor Piel