International Affairs

We advise, support and represent the companies of the region Rheinhessen wanting to develop or expand their business activities abroad (includes both EU and non-EU). The close partnership of the Rheinhessen Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) and the network of German Chambers of Commerce Abroad (AHKs) helps guarantee a deep understanding of the needs of the business affairs needed to conduct business abroad.
We provide information to regional companies seeking to expand their businesses abroad. The Rheinhessen Chambers of Commerce and Industry (CCI) support regional companies with an assortment information on doing business abroad, customs issues and international events. We establish links to our worldwide expert network to encourage our member companies to enter foreign markets.
In case that Rheinhessen region is chosen as the basis for all trade activities in Europe, the following services are available:
  • Advisory services on trade and direct investment abroad
  • Issuance of Carnets ATA
  • Issuance of Certificate of Origin for foreign trade transactions