Legal and Tax Affairs

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) Rhineland-Palatinate Legal Department – Our Profile
  1. Service and legal advice for member companies:
We are the first point of contact for legal questions and initial legal advice (e.g. in areas such as commercial and company law, trade law, civil law, data protection, vocational training act, labour law, insolvency law, immigration law, etc.).
  1. Legal information for member companies:
We keep you up to date on all legal trends, changes and current fraudulent schemes. As well as this, we offer events, further training courses and inform the companies about corresponding opportunities.
  1. Corporation under public law:
As a Corporation under public law, the CCI is entrusted with the task of public authority to fulfil and monitor. The legal department´s area of responsibility therefore includes authorised experts, insurance agents and parts of industrial law. At the same time, the legal department supports the work of the training department in order to safeguard the sovereign tasks anchored there.
  1. Representation of interests:
The CCI have democratic legitimacy: The members of the plenary meeting are elected every five years by each member company. However big or small, each member company is able to cast a vote.
By maintaining a close connection to decision-makers in politics and administration, we ensure that the concerns of our member companies are heard.
The aim is to strengthen and promote a sustainable and innovative economy and industry in our region.
In order to maintain this, we network and cooperate with other Chambers of Commerce and Industry in Germany and in which we participate in regional, national and European legislative processes.