Legal and Tax Affairs

We are committed to the creation and observance of the best possible rules and regulations, to secure the commercial system for the benefit of all companies. As the self-administering body of the business community, we provide your company with comprehensive information on law relating to business – whether it is commercial law, company law, employment law, trade law, tax law, competition law, or law in other specific contexts.
The Rheinhessen Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) offers you all the relevant information on out-of-court settlement of disputes on various forms of companies and the registering and de-registering of a business. In addition, we support you in entering a company into the commercial registry.
Companies are confronted every day with tax law: income, corporation and income tax, value added tax (VAT), trade tax, property tax, etc. The CCI supplies its members with expert information as changes to tax law as businesses are required to apply the current tax law to their companies.