No. 8645

Economic Policy

Regional economic policy refers to the Bremen Chamber of Commerces efforts focussing on infrastructure efficiency, regional and urban development, the expansion of the research infrastructure, as well as a tailored expansion of the transport network.
We help in decision making
All decisions pertaining to investment, location or personnel need reliable economic data. The Chamber of Commerces economic reports published on a regular basis provide a representative cross-sectional overview on Bremen's economic activity and development. This information is available on the Internet.
Competence for the economy
It is essential that the conditions for entrepreneurial activities in Germany are further improved. We focus our attention, in particular, on the quality of Bremen as a business location:
  • In addition to our efforts to promote an efficient infrastructure in all areas, we also back the requirements of the economy in the planning processes.
  • Our campaign against state bureaucracy, as well as lobbying activities aimed at promoting favourable conditions for economic development, are intended to provide the economy with more room for manoeuvre.
  • We fight for a reduction of the tax burden.


Olaf Orb
Olaf Orb
Bereich: Standortpolitik, Häfen, Verkehr
Themen: Stadtentwicklung, Innenstadt, Bauleitplanung und städtischer Verkehr in Bremen
Dr.Ullrich Hautau
Dr. Ullrich Hautau
Bereich: Standortpolitik, Häfen, Verkehr
Themen: Häfen, See- und Luftverkehr, Überregionale Verkehrsinfrastruktur