Setting up a Business in Cologne

Welcome to Cologne! What a great decision to set up your company here. 
We are happy to advise you on questions about founding your business.
There are four central stages which often come up during the preperation phase of a start-up:
  1. General Information & Important Terms 
  2. Business Plan and Finance Plan 
  3. Finance
  4. Legal Questions and Taxes

General Information & Important Terms

In this chapter you will find initial general information as well as contact points that support you. If you want to get a first overview, please visit our free Founding Compass (German)

Business Plan and Finance Plan

A business plan describes your services, names the price, describes your prospective clients and how you want to gain them. It itemises your investments, shows how much seed capital you need and many other things. For budgeting, you can use our free Founding Tool (German).
Our free online platform Founding Workshop NRW (German) can also help you create a business plan. 


The ways to finance your startup are manifold: loans, grants, investors. Learn about your options.

Legal Questions and Taxes 

This article will tell you more about what name you should choose for your company and what key criteria apply when naming a company in Germany.

Still have questions? Concerning...