Safety for our neighbours

What to do in case of an emergency

What to do in case of an emergency
Please read this section carefully and memorise the code of conduct. In doing so, you will help yourself and others.
Please take note of announcements made by the police, fire brigade and district authorities over the loudspeaker and follow the instructions given by the emergency services without fail.
Do not stay outdoors. Tell your children to come inside.
Windows / Air conditioning and ventilation units
Close windows and doors immediately and use the master switch to turn off any air conditioning and ventilation units, where applicable. Avoid rooms located on sub-ground levels (e.g. basements).
Helping others
Help children, the elderly and disabled. Give temporary shelter to any passers-by. Please also notify your close neighbours.
Turn your radio on and listen out for any announcements.
If a siren sounds, turn your radio on immediately and listen out for any announcements.
Please do not block telephone lines to the fire brigade, police or emergency services by making inquiries, unless an exceptional situation, such as a fire or accident, makes it necessary to do so.
If you experience any health issues, contact your GP, or the emergency doctor, immediately.
The all-clear signal
Listen out for an all-clear signal via radio, or made via loudspeaker by the police, fire brigade or district authorities.