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Hamburg Conciliation Centre for IT Disputes

In the event of differences of opinion with your contractual partner, you can also reach a conciliation agreement at any time without a prior undertaking to do so, if your contractual partner is in agreement to this. However, it is recommended that you make provision for such a possibility at the time of concluding the contract. If, at the time of concluding the contract, you wish to make provision for reaching an amicable understanding in the event of later differences of opinion, you could for example employ the following conciliation clause:
”The parties undertake, in the event of a dispute arising out of this contract, to conduct a conciliation procedure pursuant to the rules of conciliation of the Hamburg Conciliation Centre for IT Disputes, in the version valid at the time of the opening of the conciliation procedure, prior to entering into litigious proceedings (a legal action). The conciliation procedure is intended to assist in resolving the dispute in full or in part, provisionally or definitively."