About us

Basic task

The basic task of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) is governed by Section 1 of the IHK statute: "The Chamber of Commerce and Industry is tasked with looking after the general interests of tradesmen belonging to their district, acting to promote the business economy and in doing so taking into account the economic interests of individual branches of industry or business in an even handed and balanced manner (...)"

Representation of interests

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry  Fulda is representing the general interests of the business economy with respect to the government and authorities, local authorities and public institutions. A few specific examples: the IHK is dedicated to a better infrastructure, helps businesses with local project planning, stands for better general economic conditions, organises technology communication from science to the economy…

Services for the economy

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry Fulda is a partner, advisor and information hub for businesses. Services stretch from A to Z, and include waste management and custom forms. You can get more detailed information about the IHK’s services for your members via the contact details below.

Official duties

The state has delegated tasks to the IHK, as a self-governing economy, which would otherwise be done by the authorities. The range of services is diverse, for example:
  • Competent representation of industry, commerce and service companies in respect of state and society
  • Supply of services relating to business
  • Efficient performance of mandatory tasks
  • Objective advice for public decision makers
  • Organising apprenticeship training
  • Tests and certificates in further education
  • Appointing and swearing in experts
  • Issuing and certifying export documents
  • Advice on entry into the commercial register
  • Road haulage approval
The IHK Fulda is an independent consultant and advisor for politics and administration and appertains to laws that affect the economy.

Volunteering with the IHK

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