IHK Aschaffenburg

What is my Chamber of Commerce doing?

The Chamber of Commerce Aschaffenburg is the economy´s self-administrative body here in the Bavarian Lower Main region. We represent all professions – except for skilled crafts and trades – in the administrative districts of rural Aschaffenburg and Miltenberg as well as in the city of Aschaffenburg. Our main goal is to create better framework conditions for our local economy. As our member, you can utilise all our services. These services may be partly free and partly subject to charge. They benefit associated companies directly or indirectly.
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Common interest representation of all companies in the Bavarian Lower Main region

We advocate the interests of our companies with local politics and represent them on municipal, state and federal level as well as internationally. Using our network connections, we ensure that politics, administration and public opinion are well aware of the mutual common interest of our regional economy.
Tasks that we take care of in this context include the following:
  • Statements to government agencies, e. g. to development and zoning plans
  • Personal and public talks with political and academic authorities
  • Participation in regional committees and advisory boards, e. g. „Initiative Bayerischer Untermain“

Sovereign Functions

The German state has delegated sovereign functions to us, which we perform as fast and unbureaucratic as possible and in a practice-oriented manner.
These sovereign tasks are for example:
  • Organization of vocational apprenticeship and advanced training examinations
  • Issuance of officially certified export documents
  • Appointment and swearing-in of experts
  • Issuance of expert opinions in the areas of construction management planning and traffic
  • Waste and recycling consultations for companies
  • Instructional briefing of future proprietors
  • Examination of hazardous goods drivers and commissioners
  • Comments and expert opinions on commercial register entries

Further legal Tasks

  • Market and Trade Fair assessment recommendations
  • Public financial aids
  • Comercial law permit applications (e. g. insurance brokers and agents)

Our offer of economic oriented services

We are a service provider for the economy. Our tasks include among others:
  • Consultation and advice for apprentices and their training instructors
  • Consultation for business start-ups
  • Consultation for business transfer and succession
  • Advice for public financial aid programs and tax issues
  • Consultations concerning environment and technology
  • Consultations to foreign markets
  • Practical import and export assistance
  • Consultation in the area of advanced and continued education
  • Wide service range of seminars, training courses, workshops, lectures and presentations
  • Survey and publication of various data, e. g. economic business activities, industry and market sector, spending power, location etc.
  • Support of various exchange and online data bases, e. g. in the area recycling or business succession