Create something of your own – start your own business!

Entrepreneurial freedom is one of Germany’s economic principles. So almost everyone can start a small business by notification to the Trades Office with the exception of a limited number of trades where founders need to obtain approval from the governing authority i.e. the Chamber of Crafts before business can actually commence.
European Union citizens may start up companies in any of the EU member states. It is required to inform the local registration office and provide the necessary funds. To start a new business as a non-European citizen, the obligatory documents, certificates and licenses have to be obtained. Non EU-citizens in possession of a German settlement permit may open a business in Germany easily. A German residence-only permit requires a separate application process to be undertaken.
There are several different types of business with many legal forms. It is advisable to review your specific case together with a consultant to choose the legal form most appropriate for your enterprise. For registering a trade managed by a single person with the Trade Office, a sole proprietorship would be suitable. For corporations, a GmbH (private limited company) might be the means of choice. The decision in favour of a certain legal structure has financial, tax and legal consequences. You should therefore involve your tax adviser and/or lawyer in the decision.
The legal form of your business might also influence your CCI membership fees. All companies in industry, commerce or service are, by law, members of the CCI. As a public body, the Wiesbaden CCI is entrusted with tasks of public authority. Its functions are mainly financed by contributions raised from the member companies as well as fees and incomes for services. Contribution rates are progressive and depend on the companies’ legal and financial situation, being fixed by the CCI general assembly consisting of 63 entrepreneurs and senior executives that is elected every five years by all member companies of our organisation. Some smaller companies do not pay any fees at all (upon application, small companies with annual business earnings of up to 5,200 EUR are exempt from payment). The contribution rate is composed of a graduated basic sum and an earnings-dependent contribution. Here, a differentiation is made between small businesses including associations under civil law and companies which are entered in the trade registry.
By financing its tasks from the contributions of the member companies as well as fees and other incomes from services, the CCI is an independent organization dedicated to serving the interests of businesses in the Wiesbaden area. The members are the ones who define what direction and focus the CCI should take by being involved in the general assembly and its election.
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