Dual Vocational Training

Do it dual – pursue career and learning

Your own salary from the first workday onward, combined with the perfect balance between theoretical and practical professional experience, and, to top it off, a qualification which to date exists in a comparable form only in Austria and Switzerland and is renowned the world over: that is what dual vocational training has to offer.
Most of the state-recognized occupations for vocational training (currently around 350 in number) are structured in Germany under the dual system. Dual, because the training and qualification occurs alternately in both the vocational school and the workplace.
Vocational classes normally take place 1 to 2 days per week, next to the operational work activities. In some courses of vocational training, the classes are held in block form: Under this system, trainees rotate between a few weeks in the classroom and a few weeks in the workplace environment.
However, not every company in every profession is permitted to host trainees. The company must fulfill the technical prerequisites defined in the individual occupational profiles and must produce training plans and sufficient training staff. If a company cannot provide all of the training areas of a particular vocation, the IHK can organize inter-enterprise training.
The Chambers of Commerce and Industry advise companies and trainees regarding dual vocational training and accompany the process until the final qualification.