Carnet A.T.A.

The passport for your goods

So that everything can run smoothly at customs during import, export, re-import or re-export, you can use a special permit document – a sort of passport for the temporary import of goods. This document is issued by the IHK Potsdam. Here we will provide an overview of when you may need such a Carnet A.T.A., how you can receive one and which advantages it brings.

What is a Carnet A.T.A.?

The Carnet A.T.A. is an international customs permit document, which serves to simplify the customs formalities for the temporary import and use of certain wares and goods overseas. Such goods are mostly products for fairs and exhibitions, professional equipment and commercial samples. However, there can be country-specific constraints or extensions.

What kind of advantages come with a Carnet A.T.A.?

Payment or deposit of customs and other fees in the import or transit countries becomes unnecessary. Carnets also offer the advantage of rapid border clearance in cases of frequent use during the validity period of one year.

Who issues Carnets A.T.A.?

In Germany, the Association of German Chambers of Commerce and Industry (DIHK) has assumed the function of customs guarantor and has authorized the Chambers of Commerce and Industry to issue Carnets A.T.A. The associated risk carried by the DIHK in this function is covered by a reinsurance contract with Euler Hermes Deutschland AG.

Who can apply for a Carnet A.T.A.?

All natural persons, companies and public sector entities in the district of the respective Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IHK).

What costs are entailed?

The applicant is responsible for costs pertaining to the pre-printed forms, the issuing of the carnet through the IHK and an insurance premium. The amount of the premium is based on the value of the goods.

What does the insurance cover?

In each contracting state, a guaranteeing association is liable for the payment of potential import fees. In Germany, this is the Association of German Chambers of Commerce and Industry; the Chambers of Commerce and Industry are authorized to distribute carnets in its name. In order to cover the associated risk, a reinsurance agreement was formed with the German branch of the Euler Hermes SA. Euler Hermes' involvement and right to a say in Carnet proceedings derives from this arrangement.
The insurance premium paid to the Euler Hermes Germany branch of the Euler Hermes SA is for the reinsurance of the customs guarantor.  It does not cover either the transport insurance nor potentially incurred costs in the case of the goods remaining abroad.

What countries participate in the Carnet A.T.A. system?

Goods covered by a Carnet A.T.A. can be utilized in more than 35 nations outside of the European Union – all participating carnet countries can be found in the list in the front of the carnet cover sheet. Before filling out a Carnet A.T.A. pre-printed form, check all special requirements of the receiving country! Your IHK can provide you with detailed information to country-specific peculiarities. You can find an initial overview of countries and possible usages here (in German language). 
There are currently changes in place pertaining to carnets for Turkey : A power of attorney notarized by the IHK and over-authenticated by the consulate is now required. Please contact your IHK regarding this step in a timely fashion!
Exception:  Carnet C.P.D. for Taiwan: The temporary export of goods to Taiwan can only occur with the Carnet C.P.D.

How long is a Carnet A.T.A. valid?

In principle, the carnet is valid for one year. Within this period, you can export the goods covered by the carnet an unlimited number of times at your discretion. Please check before starting one or multiple trips, whether the carnet contains enough sheets. It is advisable to always add an extra import and export sheet, or respectively transit sheets, as a reserve. Please assemble the carnet with yellow, white and blue sheets (import, export, transit forms) in the order of intended use.
In accordance with the Council Regulation of the EC, each export out of the customs area of the Community, as well as each re-import into the EC, will be controlled. For clearance of this nature, there are yellow export and re-import sheets in the carnet. In the case of multiple journeys, additional yellow sheets are to be used. The white insert forms are intended for clearance of temporary import and subsequent re-export in the destination country. Blue transit sheets are always necessary for transshipment, or respectively for directions to exhibition customs or internal customs offices. For transit clearance, two sheets are necessary. These are thusly issued in pairs. As long as it is not precisely fixed in each case, through which countries shipment will transpire, it is advisable to insert one or two additional sheet pairs into the carnet.

Order Carnet A.T.A documents online

The Carnet A.T.A  is issued by the IHK Potsdam. Issuing of the Carnet A.T.A. takes place Monday through Friday between 09:30 AM and  2:30 PM and by prior arrangement. Applicants must have previously filled out and signed the Carnet pre-printed form and the insert sheets. Request the necessary documents online!

Alternatives to the Carnet

If a country does not participate in the carnet system, you have in principle the alternative of temporary import and use by the provision of a security guarantee. Our customs documents experts are glad to advise you individually on this issue.