About us

Who we are and what we do

We represent the interests of the commercial sector in our chamber district. It is located in western Brandenburg – more precisely, it extends from the Prignitz to the Fläming region. Through our work, we ensure that global players as well as small and medium enterprises have an equal right to be heard in matters of public law.
We formulate statements and positions on economic policy and undertake tasks which are officially delegated to us by the state. These include, for example, issuing customs documents or taking over educational and vocational training examinations. To our members and those interested in becoming members, we offer comprehensive service and advice, ranging from waste management to competition law. We inform the public about economic developments in the Mark Brandenburg region, new laws, ordinances and their repercussions, and impart branch-specific know-how – from founding a company to securing its viability to handling the business succession.

Our mission, our guiding principles

We entrepreneurs in Brandenburg

We are the economy. Our enterprises assume responsibility, ensure access to vocational training, employment and prosperity, are actively engaged in society and thus encounter constantly growing esteem in the state of Brandenburg.

Reaching success together

As the voice of the private sector, we assume responsibility for the autonomous representation of our affairs and interests. Through transparent, effective and trustworthy cooperation, our active volunteers and full-time employees ensure the shared success of the IHK Potsdam.

A skilled workforce for Brandenburg

We qualify specially trained employees for practical work experience. In light of rapidly changing framework conditions, we develop new target groups for vocational education and advocate for modern, attractive training and further qualification.

Well-connected in urban and rural areas

We work for modern infrastructure, strong rural areas and, by so doing, foster the attractiveness of our region.

From an initial idea to market entry

We are a driving force for a culture of innovation. We connect research with commercial applications and support our enterprises in establishing their new technologies and products on the market.

From the region to the wide world

We support regional enterprises in building their export-oriented economic competence to innovatively and competitively tap into national and international markets.

Civic responsibility

We are the largest economic network in Brandenburg and shape the society of our state in an active and conscientious manner. We are committed to the principles of the honest businessman, the common good and sustainability.

Progressive employer

We are an attractive employer in the region and motivate our team through both a participatory, respectful corporate and leadership culture and modern personnel policies – thus ensuring a positive balance between work, life and family.