Volunteers & partners

Shaping the local economy

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry was founded by businesspeople – as a form of representation by industry, for industry. The expert knowledge amassed through operational and business practice serves as the most important building block. IHKs therefore depend on volunteer work from regional industry representatives.
The more entrepreneurs participating, the more effectively the IHK and its full assembly can speak with a strong voice for their shared interests in the political and public arenas.

Presidium and general assembly

The IHK team under the direction of the chief executive officer works in close cooperation with the general assembly of the IHK, the highest decision-making body of a Chamber of Commerce and Industry. This "parliament of business" is elected in a five year cycle by chamber members, through universal and secret voting. All persons are electable who are entitled to represent a member company, in their function as owner, managing director, board member or officially authorized representative.
The current general assembly of the IHK Potsdam consists of 79 persons, who elect a presidium and a president from among their ranks. The members of the general assembly define the guidelines of the chamber's work, set the amount of fees, charges and membership dues. They discuss and pass the budget of the chamber, as well as political positions and projects for the promotion of regional economic development.
The tasks of the presidium include the preparation of resolutions for the general assembly and all chamber matters not reserved for the GA. The presidium includes the president, two vice-presidents and up to seven further members. Our current president is the recycling entrepreneur Peter Heydenbluth.

Expert committees of the IHK Potsdam

Members can also get involved in committees or topic-specific decision-making bodies and help shape the development of our regional economy. These committees, formed on the basis of IHK bylaws, advise the general assembly, the presidium and the executive board. Currently, there are 17 expert committees, dealing with topics like tourism, trade, environment and transport, among other areas.