Our Innovation and Environment Division provides in-depth consultation on innovative technologies, Internet of Things (IoT), smart factory, processes and environmental policy-making. One of its foremost duties is the development of contacts between research and development institutions and industry.
The development and production of technology-based commodities decisively influence the competitiveness of German Business. Innovative ideas, as well as new technologies and management processes, secure prosperity and jobs in the face of international competition. The IHK Pfalz ensures that innovations and new ideas can be swiftly put into practice and can find their market. Our consultancy service on innovation helps people to help themselves by giving them information on the latest technology, on the situation concerning industrial property rights, on government funding and on the market. We provide contacts with external experts in the academic and business communities.
When it comes to environmental protection, Germany is a top global performer. The IHK Pfalz supports companies in ensuring that their queries are taken into account in environmental policy-making. We help to document the obligations arising from the many environmental regulations and to put them into operational practice. We have environmental working groups, where entrepreneurs can observe the environmental policies that are being made, formulate their positions and exchange ideas for in-house environmental protection.
In order to make use of recoverable resources, the IHK operates a recycling exchange. Participants in the EU's Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS) are registered with the IHK. The IHK supports environmentally-aware management and also helps to use the opportunities offered by advanced environmental technology. Besides that the companies are supported in exporting their products and services by the AHK's area managers for the environment.

Contact persons
Innovation and Technology
Dr. Marius Melzer
Tel.: 0621 5904-2120
Environment and Energy
Sarah Sousa
Tel.: 0621 5904-2130