Economic Policy

The Palatinate is a front runner: top in future prospects, top in innovation, top in networking science and industry. We are the leaders, and this position in all these different rankings means we cannot afford to stand still. We must continue to ensure that it is worthwhile for you to invest here and that you profit from your investments here in the long term as well. Then, enterprises and jobs will stay here and new ones will be added.
Creating a favourable business environment – this is the target of our Regional Economic Policy Division.
Though politically active, we are not affiliated with a political party. We are opposed to policies that favour a single industry and are committed to the common good of the business community. Our aim is creating a business environment that is conducive to small and medium-sized enterprises.
We support regional economic development and assist new and established companies. For example we initiate the designation of industrial and commercial areas to make expansion easier. Accessibility is crucial for companies and the region, so we campaign for better traffic-infrastructure. In matters of infrastructure and land use, we are already involved at the planning stage and attend to the interests of the business community.
As taxes are an outstanding decision parameter when making investments, we advocate in political dialogue with the government and parliaments a reduction in the tax burden on companies and greater transparency in the tax and levy system. In fighting red tape we aim to enhance the flexibility of entrepreneurial decisions.
We are committed to preserving the attractiveness of our town and city centres. As in the competition to attract the ”best brains–, those regions will succeed which offer an excellent living environment as well as interesting career opportunities.
Our goal is your success!