IHK Nord Westfalen

Trade and Investments

In the international context, the network of German Chambers of Commerce and Industry abroad is an important element of the business community’s self-reliance. It is part of a co-ordinated German strategy to promote international trade. One of the tasks of the regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry is to issue the certificates needed for cross border trade. Moreover, the Chamber, in coalition with the network abroad, provides useful information to, and establishes contact between, potential business partners from different countries.
Legal Foundation
The German Foreign Trade and Payments Act is the legal foundation for cross border trade of goods and services. The Regulation for Implementing the Foreign Trade and Payments Act determines whether these transactions require special permits.
Norms and Standards
The German Business Portal iXPOS gives you an oversight of the required norms and standards, market entry to Germany, and information about distribution channels to place your products on the German market.
Customs Code
The EU Customs Code and the Regulation of the Implementation of the Community Customs Code are the relevant legal bases for customs regulations, import and export procedures, import duties, and customs valuation methods. Please find detailed information on the website of the European Commission.
The NRW.Invest agency
With its central location at the heart of Western Europe and its excellent transport links, North-Westphalia provides ideal conditions for foreign nationals to work on a self-employed basis or for companies from abroad to set up new production facilities.
Germany Trade and Invest
The German trade and investment agency provides useful information concerning the establishment and financing of investment projects in Germany, the legal framework and tax system, and finding employees and Social Security System in Germany.