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Migrant businesses

Hamburg is a cosmopolitan city! People from 185 different countries live and work here. They do more than merely enrich the city with their cultural diversity – they also contribute to its material prosperity and wellbeing.
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There are also a correspondingly high proportion of migrant businesses in Hamburg. We have been supporting migrant businesses in Hamburg since August 2015 with a newly established department attached to the section “Enterprise support ‘Business start-ups’”. Management of our Chamber’s previous range of services for this target group is continuously being expanded, and has now been concentrated in the “Migrant Businesses” department.
Offering everything from individual counselling (either on your business premises or at the Chamber of Commerce) to local events in the various city districts or boroughs, or even large-scale public events: we provide a wide and diverse range of services that are freely accessible to all member businesses.
We and other experts from our Chamber of Commerce provide migrant entrepreneurs with linguistic and cultural advice and support to enable them to integrate smoothly and easily in the organisational structure of our city. Feel free to communicate with us in Turkish, Dari and Farsi.
You will find a list of contacts at this page.
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