Imprint and data protection


Responsible for content according to § 18 Abs. 2 Interstate Media Treaty (MStV):
Chamber of Industry and Commerce Gießen-Friedberg
Public Corporation
Represented by Dr. Matthias Leder and Rainer Schwarz
Lonystraße 7
35390 Gießen
Tel.: 0641 / 7954-0
Fax: 0641 / 7954-55000
Contact Person Internet Editorial Team:
Doris Steininger
Head of Public Relations/Economics
Tel.: 06031 / 609-1100
Fax: 06031 / 609-51100
Authorized Representatives:
According to § 7 Abs. 2 IHKG, the President and the Chief Executive Officer represent the Chamber of Commerce legally and judicially. The Chief Executive Officer alone is authorized to represent the Chamber for the affairs of ongoing administration (§ 10 Abs. 3 Statute).
Rainer Schwarz
Lonystraße 7
35390 Gießen
Tel.: 0641 / 7954-1010
Fax: 0641 / 7954-51010
Chief Executive Officer:
Dr. Matthias Leder
Lonystraße 7
35390 Gießen
Tel.: 0641 / 7954-1000
Fax: 0641 / 7954-1020
Supervisory Authority:
The competent supervisory authority is, according to § 11 Abs. 1 IHKG in connection with § 2 Abs. 1 of the Hessian Implementation Act for the IHKG, the Minister responsible for the economy of the state of Hesse.
Hessian Ministry of Economic Affairs, Transport and Regional Development
Postfach 31 29
65021 Wiesbaden
Tel.: 0611 / 815-0

Data Protection / Disclaimer


Within the scope of its online presence, IHK Gießen-Friedberg is only liable for damages resulting from intentional or grossly negligent breaches of duty on its part or on the part of its legal representatives or agents. This also applies to damages resulting from the violation of duties in contract negotiations and the commission of unauthorized actions.
Liability for indirect damages and atypical consequential damages is excluded, insofar as it does not involve the negligent violation of essential contractual obligations from an information contract or the violation of non-essential duties in the initiation of a contractual relationship. Furthermore, liability is limited to the typical third-party damage in terms of amount.
To the extent that IHK Gießen-Friedberg is insured against liability for the aforementioned damages, it may assign any claim from the insurance contract to the injured user.
The liability under the Product Liability Act and for warranted characteristics remains unaffected by the above rules. The same applies to the legal rules of burden of proof.
IHK Gießen-Friedberg expressly does not endorse the content of websites accessible via hyperlinks within its offer. The information contained therein is not part of the IHK's websites but rather the respective providers. They are responsible for the content and hold exclusive rights to it. Therefore, no guarantee is provided for the correctness, availability, and completeness of the content.
Lists possibly posted on the IHK Gießen-Friedberg websites have been compiled to the best of knowledge without claiming to be exhaustive.

Copyright Notice

The IHK Gießen-Friedberg websites are available for information and use to our members as well as all interested individuals and organizations. The copyright protection of these websites requires that commercial use, modification, and distribution under other names require prior written consent from IHK Gießen-Friedberg.

Privacy Policy

IHK Gießen-Friedberg is the responsible entity under data protection law.
The contact details of the responsible party are as follows:
Chief Executive Officer Dr. Matthias Leder, Lonystraße 7, 35390 Gießen.
The official data protection officer is Dr. Sven Sudler, Lonystraße 7, 35390 Gießen, Tel. 0049 641 7954-4010,

I. Legal Basis for Data Processing

The protection of your personal data is of great importance to IHK Gießen-Friedberg. It is important for us to inform you about the personal data we process and for what purposes.
The Law on the Provisional Regulation of the Rights of Chambers of Industry and Commerce (IHKG) contains legal provisions for a number of purposes:
    Advocacy of the overall economic interest, § 1 IHKG
    Promotion of the commercial economy, § 1 IHKG
    Information and advice for members, § 1 IHKG
    Collection of contributions, § 3 IHKs
    Conducting elections for the IHK plenary assembly, § 5 IHKG
    Transmission of data to non-public entities for the initiation of business relationships or other purposes serving economic transactions, § 9 IHKG

 II. Source of Data

According to § 9(1) Sentence 1 IHKG, Chambers of Industry and Commerce are authorized to process the data of their members as specified in § 14(8) Sentence 1 Number 1 and Sentence 2 of the Trade Regulation (Gewerbeordnung), as well as the regulation pursuant to § 14(14) of the Gewerbeordnung (GewO). In accordance with this authorization, we have stored the following information about you or your company:
    Last name
    First name
    Date of birth
    Legal form
    Company name
    Date of establishment
    Date of trade registration (including notifications of commencement and termination)
    Main industry focus
    Recipient of IHK magazine
    Data blocking indicator

III. What Data for What Purpose?

1. Legal tasks
These data were transmitted to us by the relevant trade authority in accordance with the legal basis mentioned above. The purpose of storing this data is to fulfill the tasks assigned to us under the IHKG or other laws (e.g., vocational training).
In addition to the information listed above, we have stored the following data for our internal administrative purposes:
    Chamber access
    Time of the last modification
    Identification number
    Fundamental obligation to contribute
    Collecting community
    Election group and district regarding chamber elections
These data were created by us and are processed exclusively for administrative purposes. There is no transmission to third parties except for data relevant to the election to the plenary assembly.
According to § 9(2) IHKG, Chambers of Industry and Commerce are further authorized to collect assessment bases from tax authorities for determining the contributions of chamber members. Accordingly, we have stored the following data from you:
    Tax number
    Assessment bases, i.e., business profits for the contribution years
    Provisional assessment bases, i.e., business profits underlying provisional assessments.
We have access to this data under § 9(2) IHKG due to the transmission by the tax offices. This data is processed solely for the purpose of contribution assessment, and there is no transmission of this data to third parties.
In addition to internal administrative purposes, we have stored the following data in this area:
    Assessed basic contributions and levies, as well as the respective date of the notice.
    Paid basic contributions and levies, as well as the respective date of payment and the payment methods.
These data were created by us and are generally used exclusively for internal administrative purposes. There is no transmission of such data to non-public entities.
Only information about outstanding amounts of contributions determined by us may be disclosed to public authorities if necessary for the fulfillment of our tasks or at the request of the inquiring public authority. Specifically, cases of collection, prohibition of trade, or revocation of commercial permits fall under this category. Other mentioned data are not disclosed to public authorities.
In compliance with legal retention periods, the data is stored as long as membership with the IHK exists.
Furthermore, Chambers of Industry and Commerce, in accordance with § 1 IHKG in conjunction with §§ 32, 76 Vocational Training Act (BBiG), among others, are responsible for monitoring vocational training. In the context of our duty to monitor training, we must gain a comprehensive understanding of the training company. To fulfill this task, we additionally store the following data for training companies:
    Names and birthdates of trainers and their type of professional qualification
    Number of additional skilled workers
    Current number of apprentices in each training year
    Names, addresses, birthdates, and exam dates of current apprentices
    Current and past training contracts of the company (i.e., name of the respective apprentice, contract start and end dates)
    Visit reports (content: purpose of the visit, name of the training advisor, names of the conversation partners, keywords regarding the content of the conversation).
The monitoring obligation begins with the first training relationship and ends only when a company no longer exists or no longer provides training. The data is stored exclusively to fulfill our legal obligations within the framework of vocational training.
For individuals serving voluntarily in the plenary assembly, a district assembly, committees, etc., for the IHK, the processing of personal data required for the committee's work, especially names, first names, and contact details, is carried out based on §§ 4, 5, 6, 8 IHKG and §§ ... of the IHK's statute.
2. Transmission
Regarding the transmission of this data, a distinction must be made between disclosure to public and non-public entities:
a) Public Entities
To safeguard legitimate interests of third parties, to pursue criminal offenses, or to prevent threats to state or public security, we are legally obligated to transmit personal data upon written request to authorized authorities. Furthermore, the aforementioned data will be disclosed by us to public entities if necessary to fulfill our duties or the duties of the requesting public entity, or if there is a legal basis (State Data Protection Act).
b) Non-Public Entities
Regarding the transmission of data to non-public entities, the data collected by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IHK) may only be disclosed for the purposes for which they were lawfully collected. Concerning the data mentioned above, this means the following:
Name, company, address, and industry of your company may be disclosed by us to third parties on a case-by-case basis, to the extent that it serves the promotion of commercial transactions or the initiation of business contacts. In this regard, we refer to § 9 (4) sentence 1 of the IHKG, which expressly regulates this.
Regarding the other data contained in the business registration: According to § 9 (4) sentence 2 of the IHKG, the IHK is authorized to disclose this data to third parties for the purpose of initiating business contacts and other purposes serving commercial transactions, unless you have objected to this.
c) Transmission to Third Countries
There is no transmission of data of IHK members. Data will only be transmitted to foreign chambers of commerce, for example, with your consent.

IV. Where are my data processed?

Your data is generally processed in Germany. Only in individual cases and within the legally permissible framework, data processing also takes place abroad.
The IHK Gießen-Friedberg, as a public entity, is subject to the provisions of the GDPR, special statutory regulations, and the Hessian State Data Protection Act.
The IHK also allows data to be processed by service providers.
V. How long will the data be retained?
Retention periods result from legal regulations concerning the transfer of tasks to the IHKs, IHK statutes, and/or tax law aspects. In all other cases, there is a deletion concept.
Regulations regarding the obligations of the IHKs to provide certain documents to business archives arise from the GDPR and state archive laws.

VI. Rights of the Data Subject

Can I obtain information about my stored data?
You have the right to obtain information free of charge about the extent, origin, and recipients of the stored data, as well as the purpose and duration of storage.
Can I correct or delete data?
You can request at any time that incorrect data be corrected. The deletion of your data depends on the legal basis of processing and the aforementioned obligation of the IHKs to transfer data to archives. If you have consented to data processing or there is a contract for data processing, and the data processing is carried out using automated methods, you may have a right to data portability (Art. 20 GDPR).
If you exercise your aforementioned rights, IHK Gießen-Friedberg will review whether the legal requirements for this are met.
Who is my contact person if I have questions about data protection?
You can request information in writing at any time about your personal data stored with us, and if necessary, request their correction and/or deletion and/or restriction of processing. For this purpose and/or to obtain further information, please feel free to contact the contact address mentioned in the imprint.
If you have any questions, comments, or inquiries regarding the processing of your personal data by us, please also contact us using the contact details provided.
Where can I complain about violations of data protection?
The Hessian Data Protection Commissioner
PO Box 31 63
65021 Wiesbaden
Gustav-Stresemann-Ring 1
65189 Wiesbaden
Tel. 0611/1408-0
Fax 0611/1408-900 or -901
Changes to this Privacy Policy
We reserve the right to change this privacy policy at any time with effect for the future. The current version is available on our website. Please visit our website regularly and inform yourself about the applicable data protection regulations.
Date: 28.03.2018
Contact Information
Chamber of Commerce and Industry Gießen-Friedberg
Public Corporation
Lonystraße 7
35390 Gießen
Tel .: 0641 / 7954-0
Fax: 0641 / 7954-55000
Information about our Internet Offer
This internet offer is operated by IHK Gießen-Friedberg. At this point, we inform you according to § 13 of the German Telemedia Act about the type, scope, purpose of processing personal data, and any processing of data in third countries outside the European Union.
Our website allows the entry of the following personal data so that you can contact us:
    Data for correct addressing, for example: salutation and title
    Personal data, for example: first and last name
    Address information, for example: street, postal code, and city
    Communication data, for example: telephone number, fax number, or email address
    Further information, for example: company
    Areas of interest, for example: newsletters or events
In the protected login area for member companies, the following additional information is required:
Purpose of processing:
The mentioned personal data are processed exclusively for the following purposes:
    Contacting our teams
    Requesting newsletters on different topics and at different times
    Facilitating our range of services and the necessary communication with you, such as booking an event
    Processing your inquiry and any further consultation requested by you
    In the protected member area, your personal data are additionally used for the following purposes:
        Provision of protected training-relevant documents, for example: structure of content, regulations
        Online processing of training and retraining contracts
We would like to point out that you can revoke your consent given to us at any time with effect for the future.
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    IP address of your end device
    Time of the server request
We use this information exclusively for optimization and error analysis. Comparison with other data sets or disclosure to third parties, even in part, does not take place. We reserve the right to check this data subsequently if there is suspicion of unlawful use of our website and to pass it on to authorized third parties. The data will be automatically deleted after 30 days at the latest.
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No social media plugins
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Data Security
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Information on Consumer Dispute Resolution
Information on consumer dispute resolution pursuant to § 36 VSBG:
The IHK Gießen-Friedberg does not participate in dispute resolution proceedings before a consumer arbitration board within the meaning of the Consumer Dispute Resolution Act. It is also not obliged to do so.
Information on Online Dispute Resolution in accordance with Art. 14 (1) ODR-VO:
The European Commission provides a platform for online dispute resolution (OS), which you can find at
Stand: 16.02.2024