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Buisness an Business Practice in Sweden

The most current news about the Swedish economy is compiled by the German-Swedish Chamber of Commerce (AHK) and can be found on its website.  The Local provides news from Sweden in English.
Further information on the economic climate and individual business sectors is provided by Germany Trade & Invest.
Comprehensive information on business practices related to setting up a business, enforcing contractual claims and many other topics can be gathered from the World Bank's Doing Business Report and UHY's Doing Business in Sweden.
The U.S. Embassy's Country Commercial Guides offer an overview of the country's political system, financing options and much more.
Visit the website of the German Savings Banks and Giro Association (DSGV) for detailed information on investment conditions, e.g. framework conditions for trade and investors, as well as financing and support measures in Sweden. The YourEurope portal offered by the EU provides companies with a guide to doing business in Europe. To ensure successful business relationships in the long term, it is important to develop an intercultural awareness. The Swedish-German business guide of AHK Sweden provides information on the most important do's and don'ts in everyday business.

Taxes and Law

The fact sheets on the right give an overview of entering the Swedish market from a legal perspective.
In addition to information on the most important Swedish company forms, you will also find an example of how to set up a private limited company (AB). Furthermore, the fact sheet provides initial advice on the topics of commercial agency law, employment law and taxes. Please contact us for further information.
Extensive information on taxes and duties in Sweden is summarized by Deloitte. The publication International Tax - Sweden Highlights 2021 gives an initial overview of taxes.
Portal21 provides particular information on Swedish regulations relating to services, such as consumer protection, legal protection and other important contacts.
The German Embassy has compiled a list of German-speaking attorneys in Sweden, which can be found on its website. The list of German-speaking attorneys points out the respective specialization.

Work and Personnel in Sweden

Would you like to work or do training in Sweden?

You can find initial information on working in Sweden on the homepage of the Central Placement Office for Foreign and Specialized Personnel. If you are looking for individual advice, you can also contact one of ZAV's twelve international placement offices with your questions. At, the Swedish government provides comprehensive information about finding an employment and starting work. Furthermore, the German Embassy has composed general information on living and working in Sweden on its website.
The European Job Mobility Portal (EURES) helps EU citizens between the ages of 18 and 35 to find a job or training position in another European country. Additionally, information on finding a job, plus job and training opportunities in Sweden can be discovered there.
Job advertisements are posted on the website of the Swedish employment office (Arbetsförmedlingen). Numerous private employment agencies such as Adecco, careerJET, CSJOBB, lokus and Manpower can help with finding the right workplace.
The platform euraxess spezializes on information about opportunities of working in Sweden for scientists and researchers. Current job offers are published on this website, too.
Recognition of a university degree must be applied for at the Central Board of Higher Education (Högskoleverket). An application form can be downloaded from the homepage. We also recommend the homepage, where you can find more information about the recognition of exams.

Would you like to send employees to Sweden?

As there is no additional work permit required , German citizens residing in Germany can carry out assembly work in Sweden without any problems. However, employees who are posted for more than five days must be registered with the Swedish Work Environment Authority (Arbetsmiljöverket). The employee must apply for a residence permit at the Swedish Immigration and Emigration Board (Migrationsverket) if the employment is of longer duration, e.g. three months or more.
Important information on posting employees in Sweden can be found on the website of AHK Sweden.
In addition, the AHK offers a wide range of legal and tax services, e.g. advice on labor law and payroll accounting, in accordance with Swedish legislation.

Would you like to employ Swedish personnel?

The AHK Sweden will be happy to advise you on the employment of Swedish staff. Moreover, the AHK team offers support in the search for personnel.

Business Partner Search and Funding Opportunities                                                               

  • Business partner search
  • Funding opportunities

Business partner search

A list of the most important contacts for German companies in Sweden and Germany can be found on the left of this page under the headline "Further Information".
On the website of the German-Swedish Chamber of Commerce (AHK) you will find a networking service with advertisements from companies looking for business contacts or personnel for their branches in Sweden or Germany. When searching for business partners, you can use the Swedish company register "Bolagsverket", whose homepage is also available in English.
The GTAI Export Guide is another possibility to search for Swedish business partners.

Funding opportunities

The funding database provides information on federal, state and EU funding programs as well as  financial assistance for companies in the foreign trade sector.
As part of the German government's foreign trade fair program, the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) and the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL) support German companies in their participation in trade fairs abroad. Eligible for funding is participation in all trade fairs listed in the AUMA catalog. The programs target small and medium-sized businesses in particular.
Valuable information about these foreign markets is an important foundation for economic success. Those who seek for competent advice in this regard can benefit of a consulting grant from the State of Hesse.
Furthermore, the state of Hesse promotes participation in trade fairs listed in the AUMA catalog. You can find more information on this under Trade Fair Promotion Hesse.

IHK and AHK Services

The Central Hesse Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IHK-Verbund Mittelhessen) handles the regional country focus for Sweden.
Focus chambers for certain target markets have been established nationwide ( The member companies of the Chambers of Industry and Commerce connected to this network can benefit from these exceptional country activities and knowledge.
We offer advice and support in establishing business contacts on the Swedish market by:
Brief information via mail, telephone or on site
Basic information on customs clearance
A strong network of experts
Information material on the economic situation, law and taxes as well as business opportunities in individual industries
Research on all aspects of doing business in Sweden
The German-Swedish Chamber of Commerce (AHK) offers German companies customer-oriented and market-oriented services in the following business areas:
  • Market Entry
  • Law
  • Taxes
  • Wages
  • Financial Accounting
  • Environmental Reporting

Fairs an Events

Sweden offers a wide range of specialized trade fairs every one to three years. These trade fairs are also relevant for neighboring countries. It is highly recommended for exporters to participate in such fairs in order to obtain information about prevailing supply and competition.
The most important fairs include:
  • Stockholmsmässan
  • Svenska Mässan
  • Elmia AB
  • MalmöMässan AB
The Scandinavian trade fair committee Fairlink offers very good research possibilities, trade fair overviews, information on events and further information especially on events in Sweden and the Nordic neighboring countries.
It is recommended to take a look at the AUMA catalog. The AUMA catalog provides basic information on the quality of the respective trade fair and in addition, you will find a list of all the trade fairs that are of particular interest from a German perspective.
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