Structures and tasks of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry East Thuringia is a self-governing body of the business community in Thuringia representing the general interest of its 33000 member companies. In Germany, Chambers of Commerce and Industry are public corporations with compulsory membership. All German companies registered in Germany, with the exception of handicraft businesses, the free professions and farms, are required by law to join a chamber of Commerce and Industry. This gives the association considerable political influence.
The Chambers of Commerce and Industry take the following action on behalf of its enterprises. They act as a:
  • Critical partner in the field of politics, i.e. they work within the municipalities and at a regional, national and European level to shape the opinions and decisions of political decision makers.
  • Independent advocate of the market; they safeguard clear regulations that are binding for all market participants and fulfil a multitude of sovereign functions entrusted to business by the government to perform upon its own responsibility (i.e. issuing certificates of origin and carnets, setting vocational training examinations, maintaining a register of companies who meet specific environmental standards, placing experts under oath and being involved in the appointment of arbitrators and the registration of companies).
  • Modern customer- orientated service provider for business, the CCI supports companies in achieving their objectives by providing them with first class products and services.
Thus, the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DIHK) has taken the lead in fostering the closer networking of the Chambers of Commerce and Industry within Germany (IHK) and the German Chamber Network (AHK) abroad.

The chambers have a democratic structure. Members choose their representatives for the Annual General Meeting. This parliament of the business community elects from its midst the president, the vice president and the managing director.

Our business segments

The focus of the Chambers of Commerce and Industry on core competencies is reflected in the structure of their business segments:
  • Economic Policy
  • Business Start-up and Support
  • Vocational and Further Training
  • Innovation/Environment
  • International Affairs
  • Legal Affairs/Fair Play


Chamber of Commerce and Industry East Thuringia
Gaswerkstraße 23, 07546Gera, GERMANY

Office hours

Monday-Thursday: 8.00 a.m. till 17.00 p.m.
Friday: 8.00 a.m. till 15.00 p.m.