Startup-Portal of the Business Development Agency Düsseldorf

As an international business location, Düsseldorf offers the best conditions for company growth, cooperation and innovation.
This applies to national as well as international companies and founders.
With the Startup-Portal, the start-up unit of the Economic Development presents the young, dynamic start-up ecosystem and highlights opportunities and growth potential for innovative companies in Düsseldorf.
The Scale-up Journey is particularly interesting for start-ups worldwide who aim to internationalise and expand after a successful market appearance in their home country.
With our help, companies can focus on:
  1. Searching for new markets
  2. Finding customers and partners
  3. Branch office in Düsseldorf
  4. Company foundation in Düsseldorf for foreign companies
  5. Growth in Düsseldorf
Each phase is stored with information and the respective offers. Thus, young, international and innovative companies have easy access to Düsseldorf as a business location and can successfully implement their expansion strategy here: