IHK Aachen

Aachen Chamber of Industry and Commerce

As the representative organisation for companies, Aachen Chamber of Industry and Commerce is the political lobbyist, mediator and advocate for the local business community of more than 84,000 companies in the Aachen region.
As a customer-focused provider of services to the business community, we offer pre-market services for new and established companies. Our goal is to help others to help themselves.
As a political lobbyist, we are strong advocates for a market-based legislative and regulatory environment which is conducive to small and medium-size enterprises. We are opposed to policies which favour a single industry and are committed to the common good of the business community. Though politically active, we are not affiliated with a political party.
As independent arbitrators, we support fair business practices by offering a range of services for alternative dispute resolution and prevention. This reduces court caseloads and helps to ensure that the wheels of commerce turn smoothly.
The business sector of the Aachen region is the engine that drives our economic prosperity, which, in turn, benefits the city's social programs and cultural institutions. Aachen Chamber of Industry and Commerce aims to represent all companies in the Aachen area and to function like a turbocharger to boost this engine's performance.
Our mission is clear: we work for our members and for the success of their businesses.
We are:
  • the more than 84,000 member companies of Aachen Chamber of Industry and Commerce
  • some 300 entrepreneurs who serve as elected representatives on the Chamber's committees
  • approximately 1,800 volunteer examiners who support Aachen's vocational education system
  • about 100 staff at the Chamber's headquarters.