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Regional Economic Policy

The conditions for economic success have to be improved where economic activity takes place, i.e. where companies are located. Across the region and at different levels, the Chambers of Commerce and Industry in Schleswig-Holstein are committed to create a business-friendly environment in order to strengthen the competitiveness of the business location.
We bring our influence to bear to ensure that your location remains innovative and fit for the future. This is reflected by our support for improvements in the higher education and research sector, for a functioning technology transfer and for targeted cluster policy measures with a company focus. The extension of the traffic infrastructure is one of our ongoing concerns.
We are striving to make the city centres of the region more attractive. This leads to more convenience for your customers and to a higher quality of life for local residents. For this reason, we have initiated the retail forum which is aimed at coordinating all planning activities: this, in turn, benefits the whole region.
We can provide you with basic information on the regional economic policy, including reports, statistics and analyses of the region’s economic situation and profile.
As the self-administering body of the business community, we provide these services to all local companies in an effort to help them to grow their business. Safeguarding jobs, creating new jobs, making sure that investments yield the desired results and that performance pays off – this is our aim!
More information are available in the section " Standortpolitik" in German language.