Advocate of fair rules of the game

Legal Affairs / Fair Play

We are committed to the creation and observance of the best possible rules, to secure the commercial system for the benefit of all companies. As the self-administering body of the business community, we provide you with comprehensive information on law relating to business – whether it is commercial law, company law, employment law, trade law, tax law, competition law, or law in other specific contexts.
The Chambers of Commerce and Industry in Schleswig-Holstein offer you all the relevant information on out-of-court settlement of disputes, on various forms of companies and the registering and de-registering of a business. In addition, we support you in entering a company into the commercial register.
We promote equality of opportunity between companies, by endeavouring to eliminate distortions to competition. Above all, we are committed to ensuring that such distortions do not arise in the first place. To attain this goal, we provide consultation on issues of competition law, for example, helping you with our specialised unit for resolving competition-related disputes, in cases where such disputes emerge. Business needs specialist expertise in the case of assessments and evaluations of damage, in a whole range of areas of activity. For this particular purpose, as the self-administering body of the business community, the Chambers of Commerce and Industry in Schleswig-Holstein place experts under oath: they are entered into a national register.
We want the economy of our region to retain its capacity for action. This is the reason why, in the interests of all companies, the Chambers of Commerce and Industry commit themselves to an unbureaucratic and purposeful structuring of laws, in its dealings with political authorities. We dedicate our efforts to a business-friendly system of company tax and inheritance tax, fighting for commercial law to be structured so as to be friendly to the interests of small to medium-sized companies.
More information are available in the section " Recht und Steuern" in German language.