We overcome borders

International Affairs

We help you to use the opportunities of globalisation. On country-specific information days and with the help of extensive databases on countries, the Chambers of Commerce and Industry in Schleswig-Holstein provide you with the knowledge you need for the international orientation of your company.
One of the most important prerequisites for this is knowledge of the target market. With the help of our worldwide network of German Chambers of Commerce Abroad and other institutions with an international orientation, we support you with market data and an evaluation of your prospects for success.
We act as an intermediary for business contacts and relevant partners in dialogue. We help you to make first contacts abroad, via the German Chambers of Commerce Abroad, national Chambers and commercial exchanges. The Chamber of Commerce and Industry Schleswig-Holstein has a network of contacts and business addresses, across all sectors of business and countries. With country-specific information days and selected foreign trade seminars, we offer you the necessary practical expertise. Reinforcing this, we provide you with precious information on the basis of the Chamber’s own foreign trade newsletter "Foreign Trade Today" (" Außenwirtschaft aktuell"). If you have decided to make a specific commitment to pursue foreign trade opportunities, based on well-founded market data, we will also help you with detailed information on the relevant laws relating to customs, commerce and trade issues.
We support you in structuring contracts by means of providing sample contracts, as well as in the financing of your activities, by providing programmes of investment and funding. In addition, the success of your company abroad is, in particular, dependent on knowledge of the local rules of the game and business practices. Thanks to comprehensive, highly practical information, we promote the success of your business idea across national borders, minimising the complex risks to be faced on international markets.
We make trading your goods and services easier, not least by the rapid and unbureaucratic issue of certificates of origin and carnets, as well as the certification for foreign trade documents. It is an issue of particular importance to us that we continue to support you successfully in making the transition to the digital process of applying for and issuing certificates of origin – both at information events and on the occasion of company visits by our team members.
So that the internationally active companies in our region always retain their capacity for effective action, we, as the self-administering body of the business community, also adopt policy positions on foreign trade issues, in our interactions with political and public administrative authorities. By means of committed lobbying work, we make a decisive contribution to the internationalisation of our member companies. Together with the Association of German Chambers of Industry and Commerce (" Deutscher Industrie- und Handelskammertag DIHK"), we make an enduring commitment to the continued reduction of barriers to trade. Right from the preliminary stage of legislative procedures, we are involved intensively in the relevant discussions, via the DIHK; that way we can represent your interests, starting early on in the process. Thus we make our contribution to securing our member companies higher-than-average levels of export strength.
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