An eye on the future

Innovation and the Environment

We strengthen the innovative capacity of your company because only a forward-looking economy will be competitive in the future. We provide you with the latest information on economic, legal and technical trends and show you how to unlock the innovative potential of the region.
We promote active technology transfer by supporting different clusters, such as the industry initiative DiWiSH ("Digitale Wirtschaft Schleswig-Holstein"), dedicated to the digital economy in Schleswig-Holstein, or by holding events like "Researching research" ("Forschung erforschen"). As a result, companies keep themselves updated and the scientific community stays in touch with the practical needs and requirements of business and society.
We help spread the use of innovative environmental technology. Given the big challenges presented by global competition, this is a prime concern of the Chambers of Commerce and Industry in Schleswig-Holstein. In cooperation with the Business Development and Technology Transfer Corporation ("Wirtschaftsförderung und Technologietransfer Schleswig Holstein GmbH"), a joint subsidiary of the federal state of Schleswig-Holstein, the universities and universities of applied science and the Chambers of Commerce and Industry, we are striving to show you how to harness innovation for greater economic success.
We provide assistance with the implementation of legal requirements regarding the protection of the environment and human health. We can offer you advice on the European chemicals policy, environmental product policy and the waste and recycling sector. As the self-administering body of the business community, we also comment on proposed laws at an early stage, at state, national and European level.
We are your first point of call if you need information on management systems. Whether it is about industrial safety, quality or environmental issues – we will be happy to assist you with the introduction of the EMAS (Eco-Management and Audit Scheme) register, which we also administer. You can also use our databases – a recycling exchange scheme ("IHK-Recyclingbörse") or a database of German companies involved in environmental technologies and services ("IHK Umweltfirmen-Informationssystem") – to facilitate your search for environmental services nationwide and indeed make it easier for other companies to find you.
We can help you save energy. Environmentally-friendly production processes make sense, not only for the environment. In times of high energy prices, such production processes can also help you cut costs. For this reason, the Chambers of Commerce and Industry in Schleswig-Holstein are holding a series of events under the title "Practical energy saving" ("Energiesparen praktisch"). Additionally, we represent our interests in the broad debate on cost-efficiency and safety, regarding energy production for Schleswig-Holstein and Germany. We are committed to creating an environment where it is easier for entrepreneurs to include innovation and climate protection concerns in their daily business.
More information are available in the section " Innovation und Umwelt" in German language.