About us

Our offer

The Welcome Center supports international professionals, students, trainees and their families with their new start in the region.

Contact Institutions

As an initial adviser, we provide you with information on the following topics and refer you to other contact institutions:
  • Entry and residence regulations
  • Recognition of foreign qualifications
  • Job searching and application processes
  • German courses and professional training
  • School, vocational training and study
  • Daily life topics, living, childcare and leisure activities
In the same way, we advise regional companies of recruiting and integration of international professionals.

The Welcome Center’s tasks are:

  • Providing small and medium-sized companies from the region with advice on acquiring and committing specialists from abroad
  • Providing foreign specialists and their families with initial advice on working and living in our region
  • Providing support with regard to authorities and institutions

The target groups of our work are:

  • Small and medium-sized companies/HR officers from our region
  • International specialists and their families
  • Foreign students at the universities in our region
The Welcome Center Northern Black Forest supports a welcome culture in the region by networking regional partners and making reginal offers for international professionals more visible.
We would like to be the ambassador for our region and a guide for foreign specialists. We would like to sensibilise our region and its companies on the issues of international specialists and on an open arms policy as well as be of assistance in the corresponding steps. An open arms policy is essential if we wish to succeed in not only acquiring specialists from abroad on a temporary basis but in also committing them in the long term.

Consulting appointments

We offer advise in German, English or Spanish.
You are welcome to make appointments by email or by phone. We encourage you to contact us with any questions, concerns or suggestions you might have.


Tel.: + 49 7231 201 174
Email: info@welcome-to-nordschwarzwald.de

The main office of the Welcome Center Northern Black Forest is located in the building of The Chamber of Commerce and Industry Northern Black Forest.
Address: Dr.-Brandenburg-Straße  6, D-75173 Pforzheim, Germany
Sponsorship of the Welcome Center Northern Black Forest
The Welcome Center Northern Black Forest is a project under the organizational responsibility of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce of the Northern Black Forest and is supported by the Ministry of Economics, Labor and Housing of the State of Baden-Württemberg. The Welcome Center is one of a total of 10 Welcome Centers in Baden-Württemberg.