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Nr. 3374664
Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Foreign Skills Approval

Do you hold a vocational qualification from a third country and want to work in Germany?
In their home countries, many migrants have gained a vocational qualification which is in urgent demand in Germany. However, until now, it has been very difficult for German employers to assess foreign qualifications correctly. The result: people with foreign qualifications often do not find employment in Germany, respectively many are forced to take jobs which are not appropriate to their actual qualifications.
The IHK FOSA (Foreign Skills Approval) is the national competence centre of the German chambers of industry and commerce for the evaluation and recognition of foreign vocational qualifications. IHK FOSA accepts applications for recognition and examines them in order to determine to what extent the foreign qualifications can be considered equivalent to corresponding German qualifications. The premises of the IHK FOSA are in Nuremberg.
Our services include consultation and analysis of respective documents for your IHK FOSA application.