seedtrace GmbH | Ana Selina Haberbosch

Unternehmen: seedtrace GmbH
Position: CEO
Ana Selina Haberbosch gained experience ranging from real estate to big data and risk management before founding seedtrace, a digital platform focusing on sustainability and transparency in supply chains. Spending the past 8 years in the sustainability spheres - both from a business as well as investment perspective, she now focuses on sales and business development, never leaving seedtrace's impact goals and long-term strategy out of sight. Something she is deeply convinced about is; to tackle global challenges such as those involved in the sustainability of global supply chains, collaboration and continuous learning are key.

Ana Selina Haberbosch auf dem Festival der Nachhaltigkeit:

Digitalisierung als Treiber und Getriebene der Nachhaltigkeit   

15:30–16:10 Uhr | Green Space, Goldberger Saal

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