IHK Berlin

Securing Skilled Personnel

All current forecasts indicate that the demographic change will bring the issue of skills shortage to the fore. Numerous companies increasingly struggle to fill job vacancies. They need to take advantage of existing professional potentials in order to be well-prepared for future challenges.
While the demographic change is a major driving force of the observed skills shortage, the continuous structural transformation of Berlin’s economy heavily affects the type of qualifications in demand. A sustainable strategy to support and secure skilled labour is a complex task that needs to acknowledge and implement the following actions:
  • Improve, widen and interlink the available data on the labour market.
  • Initiate a campaign for better education along the entire education chain from pre-school and school education, dual training and academia to continuing education and qualification.
  • Proactively approach and acquire skilled personnel.
  • Implement a targeted location policy for skilled labour.
Integrating these actions into an overall strategy to assure a high level of skilled labour is a main task for the years to come. A first step towards this goal has been undertaken by the CCI Berlin through the “IHK Fachkräfteportal”. This online portal aims at determining future supply and demand for skilled labour in specific industries and occupations, eventually leading to proactive measures in the sector of education and training.